Travel Industry websites have made millionaires and even billionaires in just a few years or even overnight. When stock was selling for $3/share, (now $1,500/share), I have followed it and promoted the best use of it through my travel newsletter and TripAdvisor reviews. Airbnb is another success story. 

But there is still room for other travel booking sites and websites that give insider tips on how to best use existing travel websites or when not to use them. 

One example: An opaque hotel bidding booking should not be used when traveling with pets. (Many hotels don't allow pets, not even at a surcharge.) 

A future  website like this could recommend alternatives.


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Travelers rarely walk into a travel agency anymore; almost everybody books hotels, B&Bs, flights, cruises, tours, car rentals, even SharingaHome online. But prices for hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals are never set in stone; they can change every hour and what one pays depends greatly on how good a traveler is, for example, at Haggling4Hotels - such as a free upgrade, early check-in, waived resort fees, etc. Often, the best deals involve Bidding4Hotels. 

I have saved a fortune by booking through ever since it started.